Posted by: decisionsprogram | April 8, 2013


Technology is another tool we can utilize to enhance 21st Century Learning Skills.  It addresses many of the common core competencies. It encourages students to think outside the box and solve problems, providing you and your students more options for presentations, assessments and collaborative work. This site was created for use by teachers, specifically secondary teachers to enhance our technological resources usable in all subject areas, whether on the internet, through iPad or Android apps, free or otherwise.

New ways to skin the cat come out often and one could spend all day looking and testing them out.  The fun part is that they are fun to use, the kids think they are fun to use.  To be honest we all know that kids say they know how to use different tools and applications but most don’t.  They are skilled at gaming perhaps but the rest remains a learning opportunity. Some of these you may already know and use and think they are old hat.  Some may be wicked cool new ways to present information that is engaging.  Many can be used by students for new ways to collaborate, create, present and much more. As someone said in a post I read,…… ‘the technology just lubricates the lesson. Simply factor into the plan that research/writing/notes/web work can all happen on the fly. That collaboration on an essay is not only possible but is normal.’ Some you may not find any use for. Do check them out. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Please feel free to add your own suggestions so others may share your wealth.