A fantastic assessment tool.  The end results are graded for you, graphed and more. take the assessment out of school.  Records who did what and how long they took.

Share your work! You can now import quizzes that other teachers have shared and let others utilize your quizzes. Go to ‘Manage Quizzes’ then select ‘Edit Quiz’ to make your quizzes sharable! Socrative is limited to 50 users per activity.

Socrative is ideal for interaction within your classroom. Put your pens and paper away! With this app teachers can engage students with quizzes and short answer questions by having everyone log on and answer questions in real time. Students are able to see their results and teachers can review data reports online. No need for extra clickers in the classroom!

You can ask questions in the moment via Single Question Activities, or you can design a quiz beforehand and run it during class. Either way, you’ll be able to visualize and measure student understanding in real time.

Students can respond from laptops, tablets, smart phones and other handheld devices. Create games, quizzes and more.


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