English Apps

Flipboard – a personal iPad magazine.  It allows you to merge all your news sources.

Guardian Eyewitness – a visual high resolution image everyday, meticulously chosen to make you examine every part of the detail, and a quick blurb explaining the content.

RSS Feeders like Pulse – Turn SSR into RRS time with feeders. Allow students to add any feed they are interested in then read.  way cool.

Story Maker – a fun free tool. It allows students to create characters, import them to the camera roll and create an iMovie out of them. You can also use PicStich to put the characters into a comic strip set-up and still create a story.

ComicTouchLite – allows students to use a picture from the camera roll or import a picture and then add a dialogue bubble to the picture. This app can be used for assessment purposes to, “show your understanding of the quote or reading by creating a dialogue between the main characters.” While this app only allows for one frame at a time they can save it to the camera roll and then use another app like PicStitch to combine frames into one image.

Classic Books – free app that has 80 classic books.

Kobo – an eBook app that has 1.8 million free books, that tries to make reading a game, with achievements, dashboard, sharing, stats, etc.

Autorap – It turns speech into rap and corrects bad rapping.  You choose the beat.  I gave my students a reminder and instruction using this app.  Quite fun.  They also used it to present to the class.

Shakespeare – plays and concordance in the free version. Pictures, glossary, quotes, facts in the paid version.

SCVNGR – create a quest that students or teachers can go on.As an English teacher, it could be fun for the students to take a pilgrimage like those of the Canterbury pilgrims. Create a math problem, solve a task, include pictures, etc.


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