Apps for the classroom

This list of apps are ones that I have used, or plan on using in my classes.  Most are also available for Android based devices. but some are not. There are many many more but the app itself isn’t the end all, it’s just a tool, one more in your tool belt. There are over 225,000 apps out there as everyone knows.  This list is one that I culled from either using or reviewing many others, selecting the ones I find to be most useful. Many of these apps also have an online version.

AirVideo Free – you can stream movies directly from your Mac or PC without having to recode things.

Shazam and Soundhound – these apps allow you to identify songs by recording small clip.

Google Drive – access to Google documents that you have uploaded or sync’ed over other applications or devices.

Board Cam – awesome app which allows you to use the ipad as a document camera, scanner, draw on it and so much more.

TweetDeck using Twitter – make tweet accounts for Romeo and Juliet. As you read in class, have students tweet possible thoughts Romeo or Juliet is thinking. Tweetdeck allows the viewer to see multiple tweets easier. It’s best used with small groups.

Dictation – Dragon software which will record what is said and write the text version of it.

ReelDirector – almost as robust as iMovie, but lots cheaper.

Quickoffice – a cheaper version of a word processing, spreadsheet and presenting software that also plays well with Word and Google Docs than Pages, Numbers and Keynote (however Keynote is awesome as you can save the presentation as a movie).

Blender – a neat app that lets you mix and blend different pictures into one.

iMovie -the best by far app and movie creation software out there. Think about introductory material for Macbeth, recreating the Pendle Witch Event and Gunpowder Plot. Students can upload to Dropbox and open elsewhere.

Doceri – is the professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and built-in remote desktop control. Originally designed for teachers, Doceri is used by creative individuals in myriad roles and professions from education to entertainment. Link between the iPad and your desktop.

Slideklowd – a social presentation app that connects a presenter to live audiences by broadcasting interactive content to mobile devices.

Splice – The best free video creating and editing app I have seen on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Create videos with great transition and effects in minutes!

Mindblowing – Gather audio, video and photos into a colorized mindmap. Enter the main topic, title, or theme in the main node then create branches with images, audio, or video attached. Send the mindmap with the attachments through email. Free version available on the iPhone.

Have students brainstorm for their next presentation or project with this app!

Nearpod – a platform which enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students’ iPads, iPhones or iPods.  It combines presentation, collaboration, and real time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

Phoster – stylish templates are already within the application. You will be able to create posters without great effort. You can then utilize various effects and decorates to complete the chic posters and make them your own.

Scan – this is the fastest and most user friendly OR reader and barcode scanner available.

Skitch – use shapes, arrows and text annotation to get your point across fast.  Mark up photos, screenshots, maps and webpages, writing pieces in the classroom and then share them with anyone you like.

ScreenChomp – this will capture everything you work on and create it into a video. It is free. Screencasting app from the makers of Jing and Camtasia!

Educreations – It turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard.  Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking.  Explain a math formula…create an animated lesson….add a commentary to your photos….diagram a sports play.

Explain Everything – one of the best.  Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, text, use a laser pointer, rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, clone, lock any object added to the stage.  This interactive whiteboard is an easy to use design that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import and export almost anything from anywhere.

Pearltrees – a visual and collaborative library that lest you keep everything you like at your fingertips. It lets you organize and retrieve your favourite webpages, photos and notes, even offline! You can leverage Pearltrees’ community members to discover amazing stuff related directly to your interest, topic etc.

Wiggio – Students can collaborate online and also through their mobile device. With the iPhone, iPod, and iPad app, learners can send emails, free SMS messages to contacts, view files on the go, create and view upcoming events, manage groups, view polls, check todo lists, and schedule conference calls, virtual meetings, and chatrooms.


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